“Always God’s Love:” Bishop DeDe’s 2017 Christmas Message

If you were God, and you wanted people to know of your love and your care for them, how would you come to them?


A Word from Bishop DeDe: 149th Diocesan Convention

October 20, 2017 Dear Friends in Christ: Our 149th Diocesan Convention—my first with you as your bishop—has been very much on my heart and in my prayers for much of this past year. Diocesan [...]


Bishop DeDe: “Be the light shining in the darkness.”

The Rt. Rev. DeDe Duncan-Probe, Bishop of Central New York, issued a video statement following the October 2nd mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Transcript Lord, make me an instrument of Your [...]


Episcopal bishops to President, Congress: Don’t end DACA

Nearly 125 Episcopal bishops, including Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, have published an open letter imploring President Donald Trump and members of [...]


Bishop DeDe: God loves us–we can make a difference.

In a short video message, Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York offers encouragement and updates about fall activities in the Diocese, including Convention.


Bishop Duncan-Probe: Hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, and the dehumanization of others have no place in our common life.

Dear People of Central New York, During my time of Sabbath, I too have witnessed last week’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia with a heavy heart. Hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, and the [...]


Diocesan Board Issues Revised 2017 Budget

Dear People of Central New York, With your generous support and encouragement, our diocese has grown and changed in this first quarter of 2017. Our diocesan staff has expanded and our offices [...]


Bishop DeDe’s Easter Message: “How will we offer the resurrected love of Jesus Christ in every situation?”

image above: Welcome Home, a sculpture by the Rev. Gurdon Brewster depicting “God’s absolute acceptance in the heart of the cross,” hangs in the diocesan office.  Dear People of [...]


“Continue on with joy!” A mid-Lent message from Bishop DeDe

In the midst of the change, renewal, vulnerability and discomfort of Lent,Bishop DeDe invites us to continue on in joy and hope.


Update from Bishop DeDe: Diocesan Office Renovations

image above: Kathy Dengler of the diocesan staff reviews construction plans. Dear People of Central New York, Already in our first few months of working together, our diocese has grown to better [...]